We offer a wide range of cladding solutions from small repairs to complete buildings.

We supply and fix a variety of single skin or insulated composite or built-up cladding systems in plastic coated steel or fibre cement. We also offer single skin or insulated rooflights, internal lining or fire lining and matching or contrasting flashings.

We have many years’ experience and training to provide a high quality finish safely and reliably.

Some recent cladding projects

Asbestos removal

We can completely remove potentially hazardous asbestos cement cladding and replace it with a modern safe alternative.


Some clients prefer to have their existing buildings overclad which can increase the effective life of a building at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding. This method of refurbishment can also be used to safely encase old asbestos cement sheeting which is nearing the end of its useful life. The original cladding remains in place so there is minimal disturbance to the existing structure and it’s occupants. Internal linings can also be fitted if required to fully encapsulate the old cladding and provide a bright, clean internal finish. Additional insulation can be fitted at the same time, helping to offset the cost of the works through savings in heating or cooling costs. This is an environmentally friendly method of regenerating older buildings.

Whilst installing the overcladding, modern doors can be fitted to replace old ones or new door openings can be formed in more convenient positions.

All of our works are carried out in line with current HSE guidelines including appropriate netting, handrailing and access equipment to ensure full compliance with Health & Safety and Construction Design & Management (CDM) regulations.


We offer an inspection and maintenance service for existing cladding which may need to be cleaned or repaired to prevent further deterioration. A maintenance service for doors including realignment, repair and replacement of locks and other fittings is also available.